One Team - One Goal

Photo shoot for FV Ravensburg

„Hey Don, we need a present for our coaches, you got 15 min before the game on saturday, you got an idea?“ This is how this project started out, a quick call from FV Ravensburg defender Johannes Joser. Let's dig into it.

FV Ravensburg | Team Photo shoot | Don Ailinger
Football Team FV Ravensburg

The team's plan was to do a quick and classic team photo, print it, frame it and give it as a gift to their coaches. So I imagined the reaction of the coach, getting just another team photo and hang it next to the other ones he got. Great.

Why not show the guys of FV Ravensburg how they really are and what makes them unique. Especially in this season they had to work and fight together as one team. Everybody had to rely on each other, success was only possible with lots of team effort. That's what a coach wants to see.

The Problem: 15 Minutes

The time corridor to shoot was so short, that I expected a lot of difficulties coordinating 18 guys and nail a great photo during all that. Simple photo setup: one camera on a tripod and one external flash, that's it. Gladly the sunlight helped to expose this entire group right. 3 takes and the shooting was done, the team had to go back to the catacombs to get ready. My work wasn't over. A lot of Photoshop editing, right exposure, new sky and sun, opening closed eyes and replacing faces. But after all, 15 minutes, great picture, that's all that counts.

FV Ravensburg | Team Photo shoot | Don Ailinger
Classic team photo
FV Ravensburg | Team Photo shoot | Don Ailinger
FV Ravensburg - Herbstmeister

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