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Playoff Video from FV Ravensburg

The leadership team of the guys at FV Ravensburg asked for some creative input, to setup a greeting message for the Ravensburg Towerstars as they were heading for the playoffs. As usual, what starts out as a quick and dirty idea will result in a fun project.

FV Ravensburg | Towerstars Video | Don Ailinger
Steffen Wolfarth - unshaved

First step: finding the right content, the right message and the right emotions to make it memorable.

Content: Beards

As the Ravensburg Towerstars, the cities hockey team was heading for the playoffs, we needed to build some relation to the topic. One tradition for hockey teams in the playoffs is to grow their beards for as long as they are in the tournament.

FV Ravensburg | Towerstars Video | Don Ailinger
Harun Toprak in hockey player pose
FV Ravensburg | Towerstars Video | Don Ailinger
Manne Litz - Sexy Eyes

Message: We're feeling for you

So let's do it, let's get some hair on the football players faces. They should see how it feels to be a bearded hockey player.

Emotions: Joy

As Joker said: "Why so serious?". Everybody want's to laugh. But how can you generate real emotions? This is how we did it: We set up the camera equipment, a box of fake beards and asked in one player after another. We pretended to take a photo of each player. They should position themselves in front of the camera, where they could check their beard in the mirroring glass of the camera.

The story so far. What they didn't know is, that the camera was recording constantly. Fun times!

See the result here:

This video got published on the Facebook site of the Ravensburg Towerstars and was shown at the first playoff game on the LED wall in the hockey arena.

Hallo Fans, im Vorfeld des ersten Play-off Viertelfinal-Heimspiels gegen Frankfurt hat uns heute ein äußerst originelles...

Posted by Ravensburg Towerstars on Saturday, 14 March 2015

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